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A brief absence/ Our impoverished Intellectual.

                A brief absence/ Our impoverished Intellectual.

The last blog entry was three days ago. My apologies to readers and myself. I did promise myself to have materials to upload every day, but three days ago I had to focus my energy on a once in a lifetime event – the passing on (I use this term as I believe it is not a final end) of our colleague Ferdie Pasion’s mother.

I had to be there to assist, primarily by being the family driver, Ferdie during the late night wrapping up of hospital end of the business of dying – hospital bills paid and papers signed, ferrying the family and their few conveniences such as hot water bottle, blankets, electric fan home from the hospital. By that time Ferdie the carless humble government employee probably didn’t have enough for taxi fare anymore and I sensed that mixed up with the palpable grief the family was going through.

Upon reaching home Ferdie asked me to drive the car up the very narrow lane named Leyte that could only exactly fit one vehicle. Ferdie’s ailing younger sister was so weakened that a tremble developed for a while on her right hand and Ferdie worried that she couldn’t walk far. Getting to the gate of the row of apartments Ferdie insisted for me to join them for a while at home. It was then I saw the appalling living condition of even such a well-educated family and remembered why we should relentlessly pursue social revolution.

The funeral parlour that Ferdie Pasion finally found for her mother the next day, with the help of San Juan City’s assistance, was St. Mark’s. It is at 2nd West Crame, alley 2 or 3. One wouldn’t imagine there is such a place within the thick, seemingly “squatter” area. I surmise that it’s a funeral parlour for many of the cases that the police of Camp Crame encounters. Exhausted from Saturday night it took me another day, Monday, before I could visit. Tuesday night was the final mass and Wednesday afternoon the mother was buried atop her late husband at the San Juan cemetery.

Friday afternoon Ferdie Pasion will be joining me on my GNN TV show taping to discuss five politicians’ blessings for Poe’s illegal senatorial seat and her candidacy for the presidency that the three Supreme Court justices sitting on the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) unanimously and flatly rejected. Nothing will stop our genuine intellectual from presenting the truth to our people. And as my son, who’ll be taking up law next year, his La Salle philosophy co-graduate now taking law are frowning upon the decision.

Clearly, the Constitution and the Rule of Law has been trampled upon by the dirty shoes of the politicians. This is to include the sixth politician in the SET who voted against Poe who should have abstained – Nancy Binay. As I described the SET decision, it was as gathering of hyenas or chimpanzee that decided on the interpretation of issue of “natural born citizenship” and the human beings in this society will see through the mainstream media propaganda justifying it – like the Inquirer highlighting Bam Aquino’s blatant disregard of the words of the Constitution on the “natural born citizen”.

But now let’s move on to the other issues:

Je ne suis pas Paris, Je suis Beirut
Our friend Tina Ebro is circulating an article by Walden Bello “We are all Parisians. We are all Migrants. We are all refugees.” Although in a subscript he adds that the concern of the statement includes Beirut, the fact that this is de-emphasized reflects a bias for the West that the history of Bello reflects.

We reference Bello’s past anti-Gaddafi position as one of the dots that we have connected, as well as his anti-China position which is clearly in support of U.S. hegemony and its “Asia Pivot”. It is especially vital of expose the likes of Bello as it is noe of the personalities that the fraudulent patriots use to present themselves as genuine.

Bellos is also one of those that back “humanitarian imperialism” of the West that justify attacks on Third World countries that the U.S. and the West accuse of “human rights violations” such as against Saddam Hussein, Muamar Gaddafi and today President Bashar al-Assad to justify wars against rising secular states that stand up to U.S. and Western hegemony.

The Paris Attack is a “false flag”.

It is not easy to discern a “false flag” operation for people who accept terror incidents at face value and not explore what the mainstream media does not include or what they deliberate exclude from the reportage.

It makes understanding false flag incidents even more difficult to discern when “suicide bombers” and “suicide terrorists” are willing die for the cause they believe they are fighting for. “How can they be ‘false flag’ when they are so sincere enough to be willing to die for their belief?” in essence is the reaction of most people.

Such belief can be valid for “one wolf” suicide actors like the many Palestinians attacking Israeli soldiers with a knife of using their cars to run down Israelis knowing full well they’ll be killed. But for the complex operation that involve international networks, traveling in and out of countries, coordinating with numerous individuals, obtaining arms and explosives, the complexity of such operations lend themselves to the manipulation of State operators that can supply those requirements incognito.
                                                                                 False Flag motivations.
What could be a motivation for the Paris Attack that we have witnessed? False flag events are always intended to infect the mass population with an overwhelming emotion reaction and directed to some political objective. Hitler’s 1933 Reichstag Fire was deigned to force President Hindenburg to declare emergency powers for Hitler as Chancellor of Germany, U.S. President Johnson’s Gulf of Tonkin incident was to justify bombing of North Vietnam, the 9/11 World Trade Towers attack allowed Bush Jr. to start the “War on Terror” that is still expanding today.

In the Philippines, that well known false flag operation was the “assassination attempt” in 1971 on then Defense Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile which he later admitted as planned as a justification for Martial Law, but only later in his auto-biography he retracts and issues a dubious interpretation of that event.

The socio-economic-political context that Europe and France is in when the Paris Attack happened should be taken into consideration. Europe is a vassal-region under the domination of the U.S. even today. There is more than ample evidence of this if closely studied. (see just one of countless examples and the connection with CIA insider Frank Wisner , whose father Sr. was among CIA founder, and son David Wisner; or about Germany - just as examples).

French popular resistance to Syria War.

Study this news report from Time magazine of 2013 which lamented the French people’s resistance to wider involvement in the Syria War: “Et Tu, Paris? France’s Hollande Faces Growing Opposition Against Syrian Intervention, By Vivienne Walt / Paris @vivwaltSept. 09, 2013…
“When U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry addressed reporters on Saturday in Paris about military action against Syria, he tapped into a deep nerve in this country: the memory of two horrific world wars waged on French soil last century, when Americans came to France’s rescue, and in the case of World War I, when Germany launched the world’s first chemical attack in next-door Belgium in 1915….

“This is our Munich moment,” he said. “This is not the time to be silent spectators to slaughter.”
Kerry’s words were intended to sway people in Paris, a city which suffered under Nazi occupation and which narrowly averted widespread destruction during Hitler’s final days…. And yet, the plea to bomb Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces appears to have little effect in shifting the opinion of regular French people —The conundrum facing Western leaders is that as they press their case to bomb Assad’s military infrastructure, so public opinion appears to have hardened against the idea of military intervention…

“One reason for increasing wariness about military action is that France would now be Washington’s sole big Western partner in any bombing campaign. Polls suggest that French opinion hardened against military action after the British Parliament voted against intervention on Aug. 29. …
Winning popular backing seems an uphill battle, in part because many French politicians fear that Assad’s defeat could open the way for a Syria that might be worse for Western interests. ‘Both left-wing and right-wing politicians are very cautious about the rise of Islamic rebels,…”
This is the link if you want to study the entire report:

                                                After Paris Attack, all Frenchmen want War.

After the Paris Attack all Frenchmen are now obliged to want the expansion of French involvement in the Syria Civil War, bombings galore and maybe even French boots on Syrian ground against the sovereign will of Syria’s government recognized by the United Nations. But what are the indications that make it obvious the Paris Attack is a False Flag? Visit the link below to get the ten points that indicate clearly it was a False Flag:
And which, if you don’t have time to read through it completely, enumerate the following:
#1: Drills on Same Day Paris Shooting False Flag Sign
#2: Terrorist Passport Magically Found
#3: Terrorists Already Known to French Authorities
#4: Terrorist Declares he is from ISIS
#5: Terrorist States Reason for the Shooting
#6: Shooting Occurs Right Before G20 Summit
#7: Shooting Also Occurs Before COP21 (Paris UN Climate Change Summit)
#8: Charlie Hebdo Precedent
#9: Numerology
#10: A Long List of Beneficiaries

The French people must be made to understand that they are being manipulated and the attention must be focused on opposition to the “War on Terror” and the False Flag component of the U.S. and NATO campaign against Assad, against Russia, against the BRICS and against China.
Have a good day fighting, and log in again for the afternoon edition.
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