Saturday, November 14, 2015

Blog November 14, 2015. Saturday.

Blog November 14, 2015. Saturday.

First thing on our agenda, as every morning, is our 30 minute exercise. AT least 20 to 30 minutes of Intermittent High Intensity Treadmill walk and run, then one set of declined bench press with 60 lbs. weights. For a 64- year old that shouldn’t be too bad – and I feel extremely good about it. Fasting blood sugar at 105 mg/dL is great, without any medication but with one Chromium Picolinate supplement right after a moderate meal but with several teaspoons of leche flan last night; so I’m in good shape as I rev up for the day.

                                                          Exposing Inquirer-U.S. propaganda.

First observation on our newspaper headlines for today is the Inquirer attempt at misleading the headlining scanning public, and even if one reads through its “Sea rows still top US agenda, US B-52 bombers fly close to China man-made islands” but without the critical eye the subterfuge may still be missed.

The first impression a cursory viewer of the headline would have is the disruptive possibility that the “China Sea” controversy may be raised by the U.S. at the APEC Leaders’ Summit next week despite the Philippines’ commitment to keep the issue out of the purely economic summit. That, I believe, will be the impression left on most cursory scanners of the report and propaganda points against China would have been achieved.
Only by reading through the details does one get to realize that the headline and report is about an entirely different set of events where the discussion of the China Sea issue is always tackled, here the relevant portion with our underscoring:

“Sea rows still top US agenda
US B-52 bombers fly close to China man-made islands
WASHINGTON—… US National Security Adviser Susan Rice said territorial claims in the South China Sea, which have put the United States in direct dispute with China, would feature prominently during a trip to the Philippines and Malaysia, but played down hopes for a “code of conduct” to ease tensions.
This will be a central issue of discussion both at the East Asia summit as well as at the Asean-US summit (both in Kuala Lumpur) and the other engagements that we have throughout our visit to Asia,” Rice said…”
The report also gives the impression that the U.S. is toughening up on China as it impresses on the readers that “ …. two US B-52 strategic bombers flew close to artificial islands built by China in the heavily contested South China Sea.”  Few will take note of the fact that these “flybys” of the B-52s are 1,100 kilometres away from the island of Hainan where U.S. planes used to flyby or even enter China’s air space with impunity. The U.S. is now crowing about their “daring” challenge to the new islands but actually showing how successful China is in pushing China’s security envelope so much farther out from its shorelines now.

The Inquirer report is attributed to “Reports for AFP (Agence France Presse)” so nobody can be identified who culled the reports and be questioned as to how this item was put together. So, fellow critical news readers, beware of the Inquirer and the U.S.’s Asia-destabilizing news reports.  ###

Two Reports in the Making.

                                           The Ancient Maritime Silk Road and the Galleon Trade.

We are preparing several reports that will take a little bit of time writing, These are: 1) The Binondo Heritage Foundation history lecture from the wise and very senior Mr. Cua Ching Tam, a Filipino-Chinese award winning author of short stories.

Mr. Cua resides in Quezon City and was invited to share his historical and personal experiences living as an expat in the Philippines and seeing his sense of being an “alien” watching his first Flores de Mayo when he arrived in this country over sixty years ago until now watching his children grapple with questions like “If there is war between China and the Philippines, which side would one take.”, and advising his son to “of course defend the Philippines”. But there, of course, there will be no war as that is only the wish of the Western Power and not any of the Asian neighbors.

By the way, Mr. Cua is also the very person who clarified to the audience at the Binondo Heritage Foundation discussion that Spain would have left the Philippines as a colony if not for the profitable link established by Miguel Lopez de Legaspi between the Ancient Maritime Silk Road and the Galleon Trade (Acapulco Trade) in which the latter generated profits for Spain using Manila as transhipment for Porcelain, Silk and Tea from China which was 90% of the trade. More on this in the report to come.

                                           Amb. Albert A. Encomienda comes out slugging.

Amb. “Bert” Encomienda is one of the unknown soldier of the Department of Foreign Affairs who has dedicated a lifetime to serving the Republic through implementation of its foreign policies. After close to forty years of service Bert went into retirement visualizing a life of a gentleman-farmer.

However, after watching how the China Sea issues have been so distorted by some prominent and statured individuals that are highlighted by mainstream media, Amb. Encomienda was stirred by such revulsion and impassioned to come out of retirement an start engaging the issues on the China Sea matters again.

Amb. Encomienda has written a book entitled “The South China Sea Issues and Related Core Interests of the Philippines”. It’s a 90-page folio book which if in pocket size would be at least 200 pages. It’s seven parts consists of discussion of the legal, political and geopolitical issues, making powerful points that demolishes the arguments presented by the “anti-dialogue” elements of some groups advocating acrimonious litigation of the China Sea disputes instead of continuing harmonious bilateral talks that have solved even the most contentious disputes between China and India, China and Vietname (ex. Land border and Gulf of Tonkin demarcation).

Amb. Encomienda’s book was published with financial contributions fo his children, but we hope to help him publish more copies after his updating of some aspects, and serialize the book in this and other blogs and websites.

While we’re working on these two, and maybe other reports, the following are two essential videos for adding to your knowledge of the Refugee-Migrant Crisis now facing Europe and “What the media is hiding”, and the other abut the “Declining Pax American”. Watch them at your leisure, we provede them here for your convenience but you can also log into SyriagirlPartisan and RT (Russia Today) on You Tube.




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