Thursday, November 5, 2015


The biggest political development for the next few days should be the rejection of Poe’s “natural citizenship” status by the incontrovertible proof that she and her lawyers provided – the DNA test of a daughter of Edgardo Militar, Imelda Militar Hofileña which failed to show a match with Grace Poe’s DNA.

But the Inquirer’s Internet (which can be updated anytime) edition’s front page still did not have this among its headline news or any part of its visible front page up to this time as I write this flash commentary on the news that had appeared as headline already in ABS-CBN and surprisingly, since it is published just he night before, the Daily Tribune.

Imelda Militar Hofileña was not the only individual they tried to get a DNA match from to establish a blood link to any “natural born Filipino” parent. Unfortunate for Poe supporters Grace used the plural when reporting the results of the tests, “… aaminin ko sa inyo yung aming mga nakuha na ay di po nagtugma ang aming DNA," so this rules out the other DNA test. For those not familiar with Pilipino, Poe said, “… I will admit that the tests we took did not match our DNA.” So what is the Poe legal team banking on to prove “natural born citizenship”?

Grace Poe added, “Be that as it may, I am not losing hope, nor strength of resolve in this, because our legal basis does not stand on the DNA proof alone. This stands on the right of children born in this country of our’s. ("Gayunpaman, hindi naman ako nawawalan din ng loob, lakas ng loob dito, sapagkat ang aming tinatayunan na legal na basehan ay hindi lang naman sa DNA nakasalalay. Nakasalalay po ito sa karapatan ng mga bata bilang mga ipinanganak dito sa ating bansa,… ")
No one is denying Grace Poe’s Filipino citizenship, just her claim to being a natural born citizen to comply with the basic requirement of the Philippine Constitution in running for and holding national elective office. We can understand how Grace Poe continues to find legal loopholes by which she can delay and/or overcome her disqualification but there is no excuse for the Philippine Daily Inquirer to shut out news of Poe’s “de-Militarized” and de-naturalized status and cheat its daily readers of the complete story.

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