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The “Chaos and Conquer” strategy

                                                          The “Chaos and Conquer” strategy

For 500 years the strategy for domination employed by the predatory Anglo-Saxon cultures (the West), tribes, sects and states employed the strategy of “divide and rule” over each other and against other civilizations in their Age of Imperialism. But since the rise of Third World nations brought about stronger national identities that made certain states and countries more impervious to the “divide and rule” strategy the predatory civilization came up with an even more insidious strategy – “Chaos and Conquest”.

As post-World War II newly independent and resurgent nations and civilizations gained strength becoming more impervious to the “divide and rule”, the West’s strategy had to shift. Now it is to create chaos in the periphery of the target nations, attacking adjacent countries with subversion or war countries, creating “failed states”, generating bloodshed, collapsing economies, engendering terrorism, creating floods of refugees, arming and organizing terror groups to put destabilizing pressure on the target nations our countries.

                                                          How simple for U.S. to create chaos.

A Filipino military officer once told me that in his training at Fort Bragg in the U.S.A. they was told that creating chaos was the easiest thing to do, “Just drop weapons at the heart of a community and the flies come - the violent, criminal and subversive elements, then the chaos begins and spreads like wildfire.” The United States of American sells 39% of all arms exported around the world, more than double of the next large exporter Russia which sells to countries fearful of the U.S. and its allies.

Recent cases of arms sales such as the TOWs (Tube-launched optically-guided, wire-launched) missiles to the Gulf States and Turkey have found their way to the pro-U.S. anti-Assad rebels in Syria and through them to Daesh (or ISIS). That Russian helicopter blown up by anti-Assad Turkmen that also killed one of the Russian Su 24 pilots shot down by Turkey were boasting of their U.S. TOW ( please watch this:

The U.S. and Nato did this in Afghanistan to destabilize Russia’s backyard, the Balkan states to wreck Yugoslavia, then MENA (Middle East and North Africa), and now in Ukraine on the border of Russia, Syria along Iran’s neighbourhood and in the U.S. “Asia Pivot” moving 60% of its military to Asia and arming the Philippines along with its ally Japan. The West is incorrigible in its predatory nature while the ruling powers over it is its banking and finance capital class that measures its meaning in life in terms of money and power.

                                                          “Prosper Thy Neighbour”: China’s strategy.

During the 1997-98 Asian Financial Crisis a clash transpired that reflected the difference between East and West. This was the debate between Malaysian Prime Minister Muhammad Mahathir against Quantum Fund billionaire-geopolitical gamesman George Soros. Lambasting Soros’ financial attack on Asian currencies beginning with the Thai Baht followed by speculative attacks on the South Korean Won, Indonesia Rupiah, Philippine Peso and so on. Mahathir imposed currency controls and accused Soros of “Beggaring thy neighbour.”

Mahathir and his country could not be the match the Western Leviathan. In the Asian Financial Crisis China provided $ 4-Billion in aid to Thailand and the others helping set p the Chiang Mai Initiative, a multi-billion currency facility for future crises. China is the answer to the Western finance capitalist predation, its “Win-win” trade and development ideology operationalized in the New Silk Road or “One Belt, One Road” linking peoples, resources and markets by rail, information and communication networks, roads, airline, maritime routes and making all prosperous and peace-loving.

                                                          Africa: where the clashing ideologies are clear.

Africa is a prime example of the clash of the Western and Eastern philosophy and ideology. The U.S. and its European-Nato allies have been exporting soldier, military bases and conflicts to Arica. The U.S. organized the U.S.-Africa Command (Africom) with over a hundred military bases on the Continent now. China, one U.S. researcher claim has currently 3.030 active development projects in Africa and more to be announced (see

Here’s a sampling of China’s projects: Coastal Railway, Nigeria, $12 billion; Lagos-Kano railway project, Nigeria, $8.3 billion; Infrastructure for mines barter deal (Sicomines), DR Congo, $7.16 billion;

Mini-City, South Africa, $7 billion; Joint Venture between China International Fund and Guinea, Guinea, $ 7-Billion; construction of oil refinery, Angola, Amount: $5.8 billion; Chad-Sudan Railway, Regional, $5.6 billion; Cement plants, Regional, $4.34 billion; Kenya standard-gauge railway, $3.4 billion; Mepanda Nkua dam and hydroelectric station, Mozambique, $3.1 billion… this blog simply cannot list all.

But the U.S. is building as “extensive archipelago of African outposts, transforming the continent into a laboratory for a new kind of war” ( see TomDispatch: :
America’s Empire of African Bases Spreads”, by Nick Turse,In the shadows of what was once called the ‘dark continent,’ a scramble has come and gone. If you heard nothing about it, that was by design. But look hard enough and -- north to south, east to west -- you’ll find the fruits of that effort: a network of bases, compounds, and other sites whose sum total exceeds the number of nations on the continent….”

                                                         What is our responsibility to History

 Christmas Season is already here in the Philippines. In my youth (I am now 64) this season brings messages of “Peace on Earth, Good will to Men” (there was no idea of gender correctness yet). We were taught the one paramount ideal after humanity’s grievous 20th Century experience of two great world wars and through the Cold War, that ideal of universal peace is a good above all else. At the end of the Cold War when the USSR returned to being just The Russian Federation without any highly charged ideological qualifier, most people thought that ideal of global peace had arrived.

But on the first year the 21st Century debuted the leader of the Western World announced its campaign against a non-existent “axis” of evil creating an illusory enemy to wage new wars against. A self-created terror attack on U.S. soil provided the excuse to declare a “Global War on Terror” that has since then expanded terrorism all over the World. Last November 24, 2015 a flash over the Turkey-Syrian border sparked expectations of a ramp up to World War III. The West is relentless in its push for global war, and it is pressing too on its “Asia Pivot” to spoil the peaceful rise of Asia today.

The ideal of peace and prosperity is today being overpowered by a sense of helpless against the encroaching chaos and sense of doom towards tension, conflict and war. It is one of the goals of the creators of chaos, to overwhelming humanity’s sense of optimism and ability to overcome the troubles of the world and achieve the ideals of peace and prosperity. It is our responsibility as members of the human race to fight the forces and effects of chaos and highlight the forces of optimism, creation of global prosperity projects and the triumph of peace for all Men.

                                                                        The Philippine Struggle

As we write a text came in from an FX (a semi-bus, semi-taxi) driver which I translate, “Compatriot Mentong, there are trucks here on Ortigas parading with anti-China posters. Two jeeps, one truck and two cars, no one’s paying attention to the fools but their drums are loud, they have a huge poster calling for boycott of Chinese products until they leave the West Philippine Sea…” Before the “Asia Pivot” there was no tension of significance between China and the Philippines, after Obama’s 2011 announcement efforts to create misunderstanding have been unceasing.

The fact is, a Pew Research survey of Asian populations reported out in September 2015 in various media stated that 53% of Filipinos view China positively, this despite five years of constant demonization of China and disinformation on its open attitude. For the nth time the Chinese ambassador state that China is ready to talk without any precondition, but the current Philippine government repeats its “crying wolf” hysteria; such attitude is meant to lead to nowhere – or to somewhere where no mutual understanding can be achieved.

The People know better. We must address the People and continuously bring the whole truth to them, and by doing so empower the People to hope to aspire, to take action towards optimism, constructive action and push for open dialogue with all stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific and the World to build prosperity and peace. Restoring these restores order and positivism to overcome the sense of chaos and helplessness. ###

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