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Uncle Sycip and Sam’s tune vs. Liberal Party game

March 16, 2016 Blog

                Below is my column from 2014, stating at that time what I viewed as clear signs that Grace Poe was to be propelled to the presidency of the Philippines by the Americans.

                NinezCacho-Olivares, my publisher then, changed my title which was originally "Who can stop the U.S Poe-ppet" with the pun on Poe obviously and clearly intended:    

Can we stop the next puppet?
Wednesday, 29 October 2014

 As each month draws closer to 2016, the year of the next presidential elections, the plot of the imperial power to ensure that another of its puppet is installed in power becomes clearer and clearer.

The only time the US did not have a direct or indirect hand in installing a Philippine president since 1986 was in 1998 when the overwhelming vote of the Filipino masses installed an anti-establishment president — Joseph Estrada. He was overthrown within two-and-a-half years for his defiant attitude toward US. intervention to protect the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and insistence in eschewing sovereign guarantees for privatization projects.

Gloria Arroyo was a very willing puppet, passing the sovereign guarantee laden power privatization projects and granting iron-clad guarantees that government will never again provide cheap electricity. The Epira continues to bedevil this country's economy and prosperity 13 years after it was passed by Arroyo's lame duck Congress and signed into law by her own fix months after Estrada was ousted. Arroyo is saod to have brought corruption levels to a new high buying the acquiescence to the infirmed legality of her rule while Estrada remained physically able and refused to resign of his own accord.

Even Arroyo's subservience had its limit. When a Filipino OFW truck driver Angelo dela Cruz was kidnap-hostaged by Iraqi insurgents who, in exchange for mercy, demanded that the Philippines withdraw from the "Coalition of the Willing" Gloria acceded. Condoleeza Rice was furious. That was August 2004, a few months into 2005 the "Hello Garci" tapes were released from the closely guarded confines of the Isafp (Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, an agency closely watched by the US Intel services of course) wiretapping rooms under the watchful eyes of Isafp chief Gen. TirsoDanga.

In 2002 Arroyo pledged not to seek another term. Visits from US officials reminded her, but she still filed her candidacy in 2004. The bullheadedness, plus the Iraq defiance, sealed Gloria's fate. By 2005 Arroyo saw the ground from under her feet crumbling. After the 2001 euphoric welcome of her assumption to the presidency in Feb. 2001 which the whole World, led of course by US media, hailed as another "people power." By mid-2005 practically half her cabinet resigned and assailed her — the US fifth column in R.P., the Hyatt 10 which became BS Aquino cabinet's core.

The 2010 presidential elections saw several uncanny confluences that led to the installation of the present puppet. The opposition senatorial ticket under Estrada's leadership swept the senatorial elections and Estrada had risen to become a formidable challenge to Arroyo, a known US operator persuaded Arroyo to "pardon" Estrada, the 2010 presidential elections loomed, candidates Mar Roxas, Manny Villar, even Estrada loomed high on the horizon. These were the top contenders, until the death of Cory Aquino in 2009 intervened and made the BS Aquino victory inevitable.

I risk the credibility of this piece by even hinting the slightest possibility of Cory Aquino's death as part of some design, but her "timely" death in 2009 (BS Aquino partisans like the Abads clearly pray for it; by the way, read "Scientific Assassinations" Are Part of the CIA's Modus Operandi by Wayne Madsen) changed the 2010 presidential elections (though how much can be argued since the precinct count optical scan machine was there to ensure, though more difficult, a predetermined outcome). The rest, as they say, is history — the US has the most obedient president it can have in the Philippines today.

The "win" of "Little Miss Poe-ppet" was not only suspicious but also anomalous. The Comelec's "rush" proclamation on May 18, 2014 of the Poe-ppet tallied 19,828,262 votes on 129 CoCs (Certificate of Canvass) as announced by Comelec chairman Brillantes, three weeks later the Poe-ppet's final tally was only 20,337,327 to which Paglinawan said, "… The adjustment was defective since instead of Poe's vote increasing, these were reduced as the canvassing progresses and there was a time that her votes went down to 16 million…"; i.e., the 20-million votes target was first set in the mind of the people as the manipulation was being conducted to fulfill it.

The past few months we've seen two major influences boost the Poe-ppet, US playmaker in the Philippines Washington Sycip in September asking for the Poe-ppet to aim for higher office, and the Philippine Daily Inquirer in successive headlines leading to the last one "15-M PH kids hungry — Poe" with an accompaniment "Is Poe alternative to Jejomar Binay?"  ###

The recent scandalously irregular, roughshod and illegal means by which the BS Aquino appointed Supreme Court chief justice mis-instructed her spokesman Theodore Te to mislead the public with the announcement that Grace Poe is already qualified to run for the presidency is another event in the American timeline to install Poe.

Justice Carpio contends that Seven (7) does not constitute the majority of the Supreme Court en banc which requires a minimum of eight (8) votes necessary to interpret Poe's foundling status as one that is "natural born". The issue of what constitutes a majority was also raised by the late Atty. Alan Paguia in the acquittal by the Supreme Court of Hubert Webb in 2010 when only 7 justices voted for it which Paguia pointed out is one less of the majority required by law.

The supposed decision of the Supreme Court as announced by Teodoro Te of 9-6 clearing the way for Poe to run for the presidency concerns only the petition of Poe against the Comelec for "grave abuse of discretion" in finding misrepresentations Poe's statements in the certificate of candidacy on the matter of residency and citizenship. That announced decision was not on the substantive issues. In short, Poe is not natural born and does not have the residency requirement as the Constitution requires to run for the presidency and not qualified to be senator as well.

But isn't this railroading by the Sereno Seven of the Supreme Court announcement simply machinations of BS Aquino trying to ensure a safe and loyal successor to save him from the flurry of cases and certain conviction on the DAP and other cases of illegal acts while he was president. What does the U.S. (Uncle Sycip and Sam) have to do with this? If one reviews the major decisions of BS Aquino, including his appointments to the Supreme Court, one will be congruence with the wishes of the U.S. His Supreme Court appointees are what I would describe as detailed from the corporate oligarchy that's invariably tied up to U.S. political-economic interests – except one, Leonen who is a creature of the pink-Left inspired and funded by foreign NGOs and not surprisingly a key pivot for the U.S.- inspired BBL.

What is the reason the U.S. wants Poe? The reason is – FULL CONTROL. With the entire family being Americans that is obvious. And I have stated before, I see Poe to be used in a confrontation between the Philippines and China triggered by a False Flag incident.

Imagine the small fragile Poe being pictured as the underdog against the imposingpresence of President Xi Jingping representing the image of the "oppressive" China. The Western propaganda machine with its global mainstream media will squeeze the most propaganda mileage from this. ###

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