Monday, February 29, 2016

Herman Tiu Laurel's Facebook exchange with an Amboy

Here's an example of my exchange of fire with an Amboy who are all, mind you, not residents of the Philippines and a number of them confirmed to be "Filipinos" living in the USA, on Facebook:


Binito Junan war china
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Herman Laurel I wonder if Mr. Debuque lives in the Philippines since he seems to be praying for nuclear war and the Philippines Will be the first victim in case of an exchange between the U.S. and China. Many of the Amboys I read here really do live in the U.S., like their chief Dean Bocobo. Ikaw Mr. Debuque taga-Pilipinas n.a. ba?
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Bill Gabunia Debuque in case of a nuclear war between the US and China... a few major US cities will be devastated... but the Communist China we know now will cease to exist... but i guess that's what Xi Jinping wants... that's why he started this confrontation with the US, Japan, Australia and the Philippines in the Western Pacific...🌞
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Herman Laurel Is Debuque a resident of the Philippines? That is the question....
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Bill Gabunia Debuque actually the question is: does Xi Jinping have the legal and moral basis to occupy and convert into military installations the reefs and shoals that are clearly within the 200-mile EEZ of the Philippines?... that is what this Group is all about... let us not muddle the issue Herman...🌞
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Herman Laurel That settles it, you are nota resident of the Philippines or maybe even of Asia, most likely the U.S.... no danger there as you said, a few cities bombed but let the Philippines take the first retaliation and the brunt... Galing mo ano....
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Bill Gabunia Debuque in case of an all-out nuclear war, Communist China will throw everything they have against Uncle Sam... the Philippines has minimal target value in nuclear terms... we are just a speed bump in Xi Jinping's Glory Highway to World Domination...💥
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Herman Laurel Hahaha, just like in the Second World War, half million civilian Pinoy killed but in the entire European and Asian theatre only 50K American civilians died... it is known by any historically conscious that the U.S. wants to create wars outside its main...See More
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Herman Laurel And you can keep you cute little explosion sticker, our readers are not that "babaw"...
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Bill Gabunia Debuque well... the last time i checked it was not me who provoked Uncle Sam's ire by grabbing all those shoals and reefs that clearly belong to the Philippines... if millions of Filipinos will perish as a result of a shooting conflict in the West Philippine Sea, we all know who is to blame...🐊

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Herman Laurel You are insignificant to invite anybody's ire, the U.S. propaganda line motivate showering is the significant lie that must be debunked and demiliahednwhich we have done... thank you for your effort in Bahala of the Americans but the World won't be fooled anymore...
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Herman Laurel Wow.... and you have time to do that cute meme... thanks, I wish Xi Jing Ping could see that ... Hahaha...

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