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Our Information Struggle
April 4, 2016


            An apology is in order. I know I promised to keep up with the daily blog schedule, but a project that has been hatching for several months now has turned out to require more time and energy to perfect that I ever expected. But reporting it to you will assuage the frustration, I hope, of those who’ve visited the blog and discovered only the last entry of a week or two ago.

            I have been working on putting together a new TV/Digital show and have just recently signed the production contract with the Global News Network, GNN which is the cable-satellite network of Politics Today program that has been airing for the past eight years. The new show will focus on the Asian Century and the Philippines’ role in the new Multi-Polar milieu of BRICS, with special focus on the Philippines-China dynamics within it.

Countering U.S. inspired disinformation.

            One of the very clear intentions of the TV/Digital information project is to counter and balance off Western and its heavily influenced Philippine mainstream and popular media that is decidedly directed towards sensationalizing and stoking the tensions over the South China Sea/West Philippine Sea issues to justify the enhancement of the U.S. military alliances in the region – with Japan, Australia and using the Philippines – to help in the attempt to perpetuate U.S. hegemony in Asia in this century.

            Below is the picture of our signing of the GNN contract for our show “Journeys… Filipino chronicles through the Asian Century”, which intends to present the World of information from an independent, Asian, non-Amboy and truly Filipino perspective:

            The basic format of our “Journeys…” show will be Asia Today (and in history), Focus: China-Philippines, and the “Oy community” (i.e. Pinoy, Tisoy, Tsinoy, Manoy {Malay-Indo Pinoy}, Inddoy {Indian Pinoy}, ad infinitum) to highlight events in the different ethnic communities that form the greater Pinoy’s cosmopolitan but basically Asian culture.

U.S. Imperialism -Ever Threatening Danger.

            U.S. imperialism has been trying to recover from the two decades of ill-advised neocon designs for the “Project for a New American Century” with the U.S. Treasury draining Clinton-led Yugoslav War followed by the decade of Bush Jr.’s “War on Terror” disguising its imperial designs and continued to be imposed on Obama for another half-a-decade. The Yugoslav War and the bombing of China’s Belgrade Embassy convinced both Russia and China to start seriously building formidable military capabilities to equal and potentially surpass U.S. military might.

            Russia and China have succeeded in many ways to achieve their goals of strengthening their respective military capabilities, but at the same time they’ve also been building the global political alliances to ensure the end of the Uni-Polar World that dominated the last decade of the 20th Century. BRICS became a reality with Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa coming together. At the end of the first decades of the 21st Century the U.S. suddenly saw a new reality smack into its face – the Multi-Polar World led by Russia and China rose above the horizon casting its shadow over 60% of the globe.

            From mid-2000s down, looking back from 2016, the U.S. retaliation at the emerging Multi-Polar World apparently started percolating. A few years later think-tank papers on the “Pivot to Asia” appeared and by 2011 this became official Obama policy that ushered in a series of unmistakeably U.S. engineered provocations starting with the Philippine Navy triggered “Scarborough Standoff” when it arrested Chinese fishermen in traditional “commons” and then the Japanese government nationalized the Diaoyu or Senkaku islands triggering Chinese surge of nationalism.

The Information War.

            Since the start of this second decade of the 21st Century an Information War had been initiated by the U.S. to justify and serve as alibi for moving thousands of U.S. Marines to base in Australia, start moving 60% of its military forces to Asia, impose a “re-interpretation” of the Japanese Peace Constitution to allow use of its military to “defend allies” like the Philippines, renew and multiply its military bases in the Philippines, wage the FONOP (Freedom of Navigation Operations) provocations, promote “lawfare” substitute for warfare using the Philippine government as hostage-human shield and patsy.

            The new TV/digital show will be one of the many more media platforms we will be setting up to wage our small but highly effective information guerilla war against the American media leviathan with tentacles, cultural and structural, controlling media content in its hegemony that includes the Philippines. We are successful, of course with the many others such as the Manila Daily Tribune, the Manila Times columnists, and a number of others in Manila Standard, Philippine Star, Malaya, the Bulletin, Business World, etc. There is a smattering in broadcast media exercising independence from the Western or Amboy mindset which we will also reach out to.

Very Soon… regular again.

            Very soon I will be regular again on this blog, and I hope daily. That’s probably after April 17, 2016 when our first “Journeys…” show appears on TV and the Internet. In the meantime I will try to blog-in as often as I can. ###

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