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The “Chaos and Conquer” strategy

                                                          The “Chaos and Conquer” strategy

For 500 years the strategy for domination employed by the predatory Anglo-Saxon cultures (the West), tribes, sects and states employed the strategy of “divide and rule” over each other and against other civilizations in their Age of Imperialism. But since the rise of Third World nations brought about stronger national identities that made certain states and countries more impervious to the “divide and rule” strategy the predatory civilization came up with an even more insidious strategy – “Chaos and Conquest”.

As post-World War II newly independent and resurgent nations and civilizations gained strength becoming more impervious to the “divide and rule”, the West’s strategy had to shift. Now it is to create chaos in the periphery of the target nations, attacking adjacent countries with subversion or war countries, creating “failed states”, generating bloodshed, collapsing economies, engendering terrorism, creating floods of refugees, arming and organizing terror groups to put destabilizing pressure on the target nations our countries.

                                                          How simple for U.S. to create chaos.

A Filipino military officer once told me that in his training at Fort Bragg in the U.S.A. they was told that creating chaos was the easiest thing to do, “Just drop weapons at the heart of a community and the flies come - the violent, criminal and subversive elements, then the chaos begins and spreads like wildfire.” The United States of American sells 39% of all arms exported around the world, more than double of the next large exporter Russia which sells to countries fearful of the U.S. and its allies.

Recent cases of arms sales such as the TOWs (Tube-launched optically-guided, wire-launched) missiles to the Gulf States and Turkey have found their way to the pro-U.S. anti-Assad rebels in Syria and through them to Daesh (or ISIS). That Russian helicopter blown up by anti-Assad Turkmen that also killed one of the Russian Su 24 pilots shot down by Turkey were boasting of their U.S. TOW ( please watch this:

The U.S. and Nato did this in Afghanistan to destabilize Russia’s backyard, the Balkan states to wreck Yugoslavia, then MENA (Middle East and North Africa), and now in Ukraine on the border of Russia, Syria along Iran’s neighbourhood and in the U.S. “Asia Pivot” moving 60% of its military to Asia and arming the Philippines along with its ally Japan. The West is incorrigible in its predatory nature while the ruling powers over it is its banking and finance capital class that measures its meaning in life in terms of money and power.

                                                          “Prosper Thy Neighbour”: China’s strategy.

During the 1997-98 Asian Financial Crisis a clash transpired that reflected the difference between East and West. This was the debate between Malaysian Prime Minister Muhammad Mahathir against Quantum Fund billionaire-geopolitical gamesman George Soros. Lambasting Soros’ financial attack on Asian currencies beginning with the Thai Baht followed by speculative attacks on the South Korean Won, Indonesia Rupiah, Philippine Peso and so on. Mahathir imposed currency controls and accused Soros of “Beggaring thy neighbour.”

Mahathir and his country could not be the match the Western Leviathan. In the Asian Financial Crisis China provided $ 4-Billion in aid to Thailand and the others helping set p the Chiang Mai Initiative, a multi-billion currency facility for future crises. China is the answer to the Western finance capitalist predation, its “Win-win” trade and development ideology operationalized in the New Silk Road or “One Belt, One Road” linking peoples, resources and markets by rail, information and communication networks, roads, airline, maritime routes and making all prosperous and peace-loving.

                                                          Africa: where the clashing ideologies are clear.

Africa is a prime example of the clash of the Western and Eastern philosophy and ideology. The U.S. and its European-Nato allies have been exporting soldier, military bases and conflicts to Arica. The U.S. organized the U.S.-Africa Command (Africom) with over a hundred military bases on the Continent now. China, one U.S. researcher claim has currently 3.030 active development projects in Africa and more to be announced (see

Here’s a sampling of China’s projects: Coastal Railway, Nigeria, $12 billion; Lagos-Kano railway project, Nigeria, $8.3 billion; Infrastructure for mines barter deal (Sicomines), DR Congo, $7.16 billion;

Mini-City, South Africa, $7 billion; Joint Venture between China International Fund and Guinea, Guinea, $ 7-Billion; construction of oil refinery, Angola, Amount: $5.8 billion; Chad-Sudan Railway, Regional, $5.6 billion; Cement plants, Regional, $4.34 billion; Kenya standard-gauge railway, $3.4 billion; Mepanda Nkua dam and hydroelectric station, Mozambique, $3.1 billion… this blog simply cannot list all.

But the U.S. is building as “extensive archipelago of African outposts, transforming the continent into a laboratory for a new kind of war” ( see TomDispatch: :
America’s Empire of African Bases Spreads”, by Nick Turse,In the shadows of what was once called the ‘dark continent,’ a scramble has come and gone. If you heard nothing about it, that was by design. But look hard enough and -- north to south, east to west -- you’ll find the fruits of that effort: a network of bases, compounds, and other sites whose sum total exceeds the number of nations on the continent….”

                                                         What is our responsibility to History

 Christmas Season is already here in the Philippines. In my youth (I am now 64) this season brings messages of “Peace on Earth, Good will to Men” (there was no idea of gender correctness yet). We were taught the one paramount ideal after humanity’s grievous 20th Century experience of two great world wars and through the Cold War, that ideal of universal peace is a good above all else. At the end of the Cold War when the USSR returned to being just The Russian Federation without any highly charged ideological qualifier, most people thought that ideal of global peace had arrived.

But on the first year the 21st Century debuted the leader of the Western World announced its campaign against a non-existent “axis” of evil creating an illusory enemy to wage new wars against. A self-created terror attack on U.S. soil provided the excuse to declare a “Global War on Terror” that has since then expanded terrorism all over the World. Last November 24, 2015 a flash over the Turkey-Syrian border sparked expectations of a ramp up to World War III. The West is relentless in its push for global war, and it is pressing too on its “Asia Pivot” to spoil the peaceful rise of Asia today.

The ideal of peace and prosperity is today being overpowered by a sense of helpless against the encroaching chaos and sense of doom towards tension, conflict and war. It is one of the goals of the creators of chaos, to overwhelming humanity’s sense of optimism and ability to overcome the troubles of the world and achieve the ideals of peace and prosperity. It is our responsibility as members of the human race to fight the forces and effects of chaos and highlight the forces of optimism, creation of global prosperity projects and the triumph of peace for all Men.

                                                                        The Philippine Struggle

As we write a text came in from an FX (a semi-bus, semi-taxi) driver which I translate, “Compatriot Mentong, there are trucks here on Ortigas parading with anti-China posters. Two jeeps, one truck and two cars, no one’s paying attention to the fools but their drums are loud, they have a huge poster calling for boycott of Chinese products until they leave the West Philippine Sea…” Before the “Asia Pivot” there was no tension of significance between China and the Philippines, after Obama’s 2011 announcement efforts to create misunderstanding have been unceasing.

The fact is, a Pew Research survey of Asian populations reported out in September 2015 in various media stated that 53% of Filipinos view China positively, this despite five years of constant demonization of China and disinformation on its open attitude. For the nth time the Chinese ambassador state that China is ready to talk without any precondition, but the current Philippine government repeats its “crying wolf” hysteria; such attitude is meant to lead to nowhere – or to somewhere where no mutual understanding can be achieved.

The People know better. We must address the People and continuously bring the whole truth to them, and by doing so empower the People to hope to aspire, to take action towards optimism, constructive action and push for open dialogue with all stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific and the World to build prosperity and peace. Restoring these restores order and positivism to overcome the sense of chaos and helplessness. ###

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Shooting anti-terrorist Russia - U.S.-Turko-Nato Crime

Shooting anti-terrorist Russia - U.S.-Turko-Nato Crime.
Blog November 25, 2015

            The November 24, 2015 attack of two Turkish war planes against the Russian Su 25 with air-to-air missiles causing its crash and the eventual murder of two Russian pilots shot at by Turkey’s sponsored Turkmen terrorist elements while parachuting. Turkey’s claim that the Russian plane was in Turkish airspace, a doubtful claim in the first place, does not justify the hostile act against the Russia plane which exhibited no threat to Turkish security and which was part of anti-terrorist operations upon invitation of the Syrian government.

            Proof of the lawless, terrorist character of Turkey’s “Syrian opposition” allies operating on the ground in Syrian territory is the criminal murder of the two Russian pilots while descending on their parachute. This is a clear violation of the 1949 Geneva Convention and constitutes a “war crimes” under Protocol 1 which is considered the World over as inhuman and barbaric – which is what the terrorists that the U.S., Nato and Turkey have been supporting with thinly veiled funding and arming through the U.S. client Gulf States and Turkey’s arming and oil buying from Daesh (ISIS) across its borders.

                                    Erdogan-Nato-US goal - Sabotage Syrian Peace

            What particular reason the Turko president Erdogan wants to expand Turkish territory into Northern Syria is a mystery to many, particularly when Erdogan by his hostile actions imperils his nation’s energy supply that reliant on Russia and Iran’s gas and oil. There’ll be immediate negative impact on Turkey, as resource-earning tourism also heavily benefits from Russian tourists which now have stopped. Erdogan can be likened to BS Aquino in the Philippines spiting China, cutting of his nose to spite a major economic resource.

            Many thought the “Paris Attack” of November 13, 2015 changed the complexion of the Syrian “Regime Change” the West had obsessed with and turned the tide towards collaboration with all parties, including Syria’s allies Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, to prioritize the war against DAesh (ISIS). Obviously the dark forces behind the fa├žade of new found wisdom and cooperation against terrorism, neocons and their minions, doubled or tripled their efforts to sabotage the process emanating from the Vienna Talks with Syria, Iran, Russia for political settlement of the Syrian Crisis.

                                    Russia’s leadership and sacrifice for humanity.

            To informed world citizens its clear the West is on a campaign of “perpetual war” since the Soviet Union broke up and U.S. neocons saw visions of global hegemony. The Yugoslav “Balkanization” transpired, followed by strategies like “Project for a New American Century” and “Which Path to Persia”. 9/11 was staged as basis for the “War on Terror” that launched attacks on seven secular states exposed by Gen. Wesley Clark in 2007. The U.S. and allies launched “color revolutions” and wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, Georgia and Ukraine. Then the U.S. announced a “Pivot to Asia” to threaten Asia’s stability and harmony.

            With Putin’s leadership Russia has risen from the rubble of the Soviet Union to establish a stronger Russian state, paying off its debt to Western interest and since the 2008 Russo-Georgian War started more militantly defending its security perimeter. As the U.S. “War on Terror” attacks on seven states began Russia, with China supporting from behind, led the UN Security Council opposition to the attacks on Iraq, Libya, sought political resolution of tensions with Iran and then defence of the legitimate government of Syria. Since the “Paris Attack” Russia has led the fight against Daesh (ISIS) in Syria.

            Russia’s bombing has been instrumental in sending the Daesh fighters in Syria into strategic retreat, as well as exposing the farce of U.S. and Western “War on Terror” by showing the satellite photos of convoys of thousands of Daesh (ISIS) oil tanker trucks queuing to sell illicit oil from Daesh (ISIS) controlled refineries through Turkish agents (reports of Erdogan’s son as major agent) and into Turkey. Obama had been forced into token bombing of a hundred or so such oils, but Obama and Nato deceptive statements on the Turko crime against Russia’s Su 25 and sacrifice of its men against Daesh (ISIS).

                                                Disinformation in Christian Philippines.

            The Filipino people tout itself as the “only Christian nation in Asia” yet it falls into the most unchristian acts against its fellow Christians in many parts of the Wrold, particularly in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa). In the Syria it is the secular government of Bashar al Assad that is protecting all religious groups from the terror of the U.S. sponsored terrorist groups including the Al Qaeda, Al Nusra and the Daesh (ISIS). Yet in the Philippines one of the foremost Christian radio stations DZFE 98.7FM just replays criminally deceitful U.S. propaganda through VOA (Voice of America) broadcasts against Assad, Russia and for the terrorists’ cause.

            Another radio network that uses VOA broadcasts is DZRJ on both its FM and AM stations. Some newspaper columnists have been the tools of the U.S., Nato and Daesh (ISIS) like Manila Standard’s Atty. And Fr. Ranhillo Aquino who’s been tearing at Assad since the onset of the destabilization and disinformation campaign against Assad by the U.S. Thankfully he stopped after a series of our letters to him, but there are others like Randy David of the Inquirer and Akbayan writer Walden Bello who mask themselves as progressives but actually mouth U.S. propaganda against Assad.

            We ask the people with the True Christian spirit in the Philippines to start helping this nation discern the whole truth, the truth of which is genuinely good and which is genuinely evil. It is Russia now championing true Christian values, rising above the demonic sectarianism the West under the control of the essentially amoral-finance capitalist and/or Zionist Financial Oligarchy promoting the anti-human harmony ideologies of the likes Samuel Huntington and “The Clash of Civilizations” and Francis Fukuyama’s “End of History”. Truly Christian and humanist Filipinos must cleanse the disinformation infecting Philippine society. ###

(UPDATE: "Russian information sources have updated the status report on one of the two Su 25 pilots as having survived the shoot down by U.S.-Turko warplanes, rescued by the Syrian Army and now safely back in a Russian military base. ---- Furthermore, I will stop buying Turkish products now, I used to buy Turkish virgin olive oil. Remember Stalingrad! Likewise, we reiterate support for the secular and republican Bashar Al Assad against the sectarian Erdogan hiding behind the skirt of U.S. hegemony and its NATO parasite military alliance.")

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lucio Pitlo III interview on CCTV re: APEC

 From Lucio Pitlo

Last Nov 18, i was interviewed by CCTV in Makati. They were essentially soliciting views and feedback on the speech given by Chinese President Xi Jinping during the APEC CEO Summit. Here is the link:

They interviewed several people, including business leaders and some academics. It was aired in a Chinese-language national TV program but the interviews with non-Chinese respondents remain in English. My take on the issue can be seen in the last part of the video clip. The interview was quite longer than this but they have to pick only some excerpts from it because of program time constraints.

BOOK LAUNCHING: "The Lost Vision: The Philippine Left" by Ken Fuller

The Lost Vision: The Philippine Left, 1986-2010, the third volume in Ken Fuller's history of the Philippine left, will be launched by University of the Philippines Press later this month. Details:
5 p.m. (sharp), Friday, 27 November, 2015,
Second Floor,
Balay Kalinaw
(corner of Guerrero and Dagahoy Streets)
UP Diliman Campus,
Quezon City.
Balay Kalinaw is right next-door to the University Hotel.

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Japan and the JapBoys’ great train robbery on Filipinos

Japan PM Shinzo Abe and Noynoy Aquino about to commit the
 Great Train Robbery

Japan and the JapBoys’ great train robbery on Filipinos.

November 21, 2015

              With either the complicity or the ignorance of mainstream media the vast majority of Filipinos will again be ripped off in another multi-billion pesos (and U.S. Dollar) infrastructure scam. But certainly the JapBoys in the Philippine government and ruling class, and the Japanese government and financial mafia are part of the plot.

Mainstream media like the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Philippine Star, Business World et al, and the big broadcast media, are presenting the scam as “assistance of the Japanese government” to the Filipino people – while it is actually a project that will cost more than double of what it should.

              This was how it was being reported “’Japan pledges record ODA for train project’...
THE PHILIPPINES on Wednesday received a record pledge from Japan worth ¥240 billion for a rail project between Manila and a neighboring province, as well as assurances on future security cooperation, including the supply of defense equipment.”

              ODA, my ass… this is how another newspaper reported it on November 20, 2015 01:43:00 PM
By Vince Alvic Alexis F. NonatoReporter “.P93-B loan for rail link tops Japan commitment to PHL… JAPAN has formally committed itself to extending a ¥241.991-billion (P93.457 billion) loan for the construction of the railway project linking Metro Manila to neighboring Bulacan province in the north.
The loan, roughly equivalent to US$2 billion, is the single largest Official Development Assistance (ODA) commitment by Japan to an overseas development partner…

“In a brief statement on Thursday evening, the Japanese Embassy said Japanese Ambassador Kazuhide Ishikawa and Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert F. del Rosario ‘exchanged notes’ for the yen loan funding the North-South Commuter Railway (NSCR) Project….

              “This exchange was done in the presence of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Philippine President Benigno S.C. Aquino III during bilateral talks late Thursday night at the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders Meeting this week….

              “During a joint press conference with Mr. Abe the previous night, Mr. Aquino said the project ‘will certainly help us improve the land transportation capacity of the greater Metro Manila area and provide a more environmentally sustainable mode of transport.’…

              “The DFA first announced the loan for the revival of the northward rail link in August, saying it was one of the pledges made by Japan apart from enhanced sharing of defence equipment….”

                                           P 93-B ($ 2-B) for 34 Kms. Train is $ P 1-B/Km. overprice!!!

              Why do we know it is overpriced by at least that much – P 1-B/Km, or a total of P 34-B overprice for the entire project? Do the math, the Japanese loan offer for the project totalling P 93-B divided by 34-kilometer comes up to P 2.8-B/km. of rail line. We can compare this to another project a neighboring country just singed two months ago.

              Thus we have a very easy comparison that can be made to one of the major train contracts in the region just signed for a 145 kilometer, 250-km./hour speed train traversing the distance between Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta to its tourism hub Bandung. The Chinese government is providing $ 5-B (more or less, other reports say $ 5.5-B) loan for the entire project which after some calculation and currency conversion I did comes up to P 1.8 B/kilometre.

              And China is providing the loan without requiring the Indonesian government o issue any “sovereign guarantee” (i.e. guaranteed fare rate and profit levels, escalation of fares every so many years, etc., as the MRT and all other Philippine PPP projects have) and without any counterpart investment from the Indonesian government. And below is a full report of that contract:

“Indonesia rewards China's 'courage' with high-profile rail contract
Wednesday, 30 Sep 2015 | 3:10 AM ETReuters
Indonesia picked China over Japan to build the country's first fast-train rail link because Beijing had the courage to provide $5 billion in loans without asking for guarantees, an Indonesian official said on Wednesday.
The two Asian giants had been battling for months over the high-profile contract to build a railway linking the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, with the textile hub of Bandung.
Indonesia initially envisaged a high-speed service for the 150-km (100 mile) journey but this month changed its mind, opting instead for a medium-speed train.
Analysts have said whoever won the bid could be a front runner for future rail projects in the region, including one linking Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.
President Joko Widodo's administration preferred China's proposal because it was less burdensome and promised a larger share of technology transfer than Japan.
‘The government of China has courage not to ask for guarantees from Indonesia,’ Gatot Trihargo, deputy assistant for the state-owned enterprises ministry, told Reuters on Wednesday.
‘While other countries like Japan and Germany request government guarantees, we cannot afford this because our budget is limited.’
The high-profile contract is a victory for Chinese President Xi Jinping's ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative to build a network of ports, trains and expressways to help expand trade, investment and influence in the region.”             

              The Chinese government has the “courage” to work with its poorer Asian neighbour and brother Indonesia on a vital infrastructure project because China trusted the Indonesia leadership to be caring and responsible to its own people. Indonesia would not settle for less than the best and most affordable deal for its people, China could do no less and provide the most viable offer and afford able project sacrificing profit to achieve mutual benefit.

                                                         Japanese offer require “sovereign guarantees”

              The Japanese government has been smarting from its massive losses to Chinese railway contractors winning all the way from Europe (see Chinese firms asked to build HS2 rail line as Chancellor invites bids for £12 billion contracts 06:30, 24 SEP 2015, BY JONATHAN WALKER, The Daily Mail)… worth £11.8 billion to build a high speed rail line between London and Birmingham) to Africa (see China rail group signs $5.5bn in Africa deals, Gabriel Wildau in Shanghai… FT, April 28, 2015) to the U.S. (see China rail firms in joint deal to build U.S. high-speed rail Thursday, 17 Sep 2015 | 3:21 AM ETReuters) and to Latin America (see China, Peru and Brazil mull Amazon railway, 23 May 2015...BBC)

              Japan is now descending on the Philippines which has literally granted the Japanese a monopoly on the train projects in the Philippines, but the Japanese are not going to let go here of “sovereign guarantees even after they lost so miserably in Indonesia. Why? Because they have a sweet heart deal with the JapBoys (the other face of the AmBoys here). The Japansese say they will only “ease” development conditions, and we Filipinos will pay for these conditions while the Indonesians rejected them for the sake of their people.

              Here’s a report -

Japan to ease development loan conditions after losing Indonesia rail bid -sources
by Reuters
KYO,  (Reuters) – Japan will ease yen loan conditions for infrastructure projects in Asia, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters, …. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will unveil the new measures …
To facilitate yen loans to cash-strapped developing countries, Japan will make flexible application of the rule that currently requires a 100-percent loan guarantee from a borrower’s government, the sources said….” Maybe they’ll now require on just a shade less than 100-percent loan guarantee, how much less may depend on how low under the table it is. ###

Friday, November 20, 2015

Who'll stop the U.S. Poe-ppet

This column appeared in October 2014 when the U.S. (Uncle Sam and Uncle Sycip) made their move to install the newest stooge to replace BS Aquino for the next puppet administration. 

The original title for this was "Who'll stop the U.S. Poe-ppet" but Ninez Cacho Olivares the Tribune publisher changed it to the less pointed title that it appears with now. 

The Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) senator members all voted as if they can judge issues based solely on their whims without regard for the Constitution or the Laws of the Land. Should we be surprised? 

What Uncle Sam nd Uncle Sycip wants, it gets... so far. But that's changing slowly as we continue educting thepublic. This travesty of the Constitution and the Law by the senators (without excepting Nancy Binay who should have abstained) is another pedagogical moment.

(Rich, please put a picture or iamge of corrupt politicians and poe's worse picture with uncle Sam andSycip laughing...)