Monday, December 21, 2015

Overpriced power trillions and a charity farce

Overpriced power trillions and a charity farce.
December 20, 2015 blog, Herman Tiu Laurel

                Below is a photo from the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s November 20, 2015 report headlined “Energy Tycoons team up for disaster ops center” with Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, Manny Pangilinan of the Ayala group which is racing to catch up in the game of power plunder with market leader Manny Pangilinan of Meralco, and this cardinal Talgo look alike in this picture cited by PDI as Edgar O. Chua of the Shell company of the Philippines.

                The tycoons or representatives of tycoons (as Pangilinan and Chua are mere overpaid factotums to real oligarchs behind them) fleece the Filipino nation of a hundred million people to the tune of trillions of pesos the past decades in Asia’s highest power cost, and the PDI acclaim this measly crumb of a P 48-Million Disaster Operation Center as a “contribution” the PDI audience should be thankful for and join PDI in singing paeans to!

                Below is a smaple of the poowerprices of Asean, other Asian  countries like China are only a third of Philippine electricity prices:

                Let’s stop believing the PDI and the tycoons or oligarchs of this country, they are all actually sociopaths and racists seeing Filipinos as mere objects for exploitation and targets of suppression and oppression.

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                Because of the trillions over the past decade and a half that these power tycoons have been raking in from the highest power cost in Asia the result is a depressed economy unable to generate jobs. Below are some statistics showing the Philippines’ highest unemployment rate in Asean and Asia despite th much ballyhooed GDP or “growth” rate --- actually in the Philippines GDP means Gross Dometic Pain and when that grows such an in electricity harges that goes into the GDP too the poain for Filipinos increases while the GDP or Gross Domestic Profit of Pangilinan, Zobel de Ayala, Aboitiz, Alacantaras et al grows…


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