Monday, December 21, 2015

The Liberal Party

The Liberal Party

When President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino sounded out the possibility he might run again, as running mate of Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas, he spelled  out the truth that the ruling Liberal Party is running out of credible presidentiables.  Maybe the naïve idea is not motivated to keep himself in power but to save the party from an unexpected demise.  Maybe PNoy is still hallucinating that he and he alone could save the party that earned the bad connotations about the real nature of politics in this country.

The idea sounds more like a joke but it is the only way to prop up Mar’s sagging candidacy.  He is entertaining the delusion he alone can save Mar’s candidacy, so he could formalize in making Mar Roxas his heir-apparent.   Mar is equally hallucinating, that being the grandson of former President Manuel Roxas, he has the hereditary right to the presidency.  There is in these two clowns the presumption that they are the only ones who know what is good for this country.
Admittedly, Mar Roxas’ popularity rating is not getting anywhere.  Some are candid enough to admit that Mar simply does not have the charisma to be liked by the people.  He is not the right kind of banana acceptable to what the LPs consider as hankering monkeys.  He comes in with a negative image, no matter how he tries to entice people by doing what ordinary Filipinos do, thus earning him the moniker of “Boy Kargador,” “Boy Martilyo”, etc.
With PNoy offering to save his candidacy, he is thinking of hitting two birds with one stone.  Making Mar win is like handing to him his ambition he has long been salivating for.  PNoy hopes the fellow will be deeply indebted that he will do everything to save him from the gallows.  Maybe PNoy managed to pull one over us by winning in the 2010 presidential election. Admittedly before that, nobody took him seriously or worse, thought he would become our next president.  Some even exposed his medical records as mentally unfit – an embarrassment to a country claiming to have plenty of impeccably intelligent people.
His saving grace was that he is the son of that “beatified” President who was given the title as “the restorer of our democracy and freedom,” nothing more.   As a lawmaker, he accomplished nothing, until one day his popularity rating soared without us being aware that the elite, their Western brokers, and the opportunist clerics were already conditioning our mind that this clown would be our next president.  There was no way ordinary man could question that because the mainstream media, owned and controlled by the elite such as the leading newspapers, television and radio; the highly paid public relations agencies; and the poll surveys being experts in manipulating the public mind, all told us that we are about to have a clown as our next president.
The problem is he has not gotten over his demagoguery.  There is nothing PNoy can claim as his achievement for Mar to say that he was a party to it.  Negatively, perhaps people will remember him as the architect of that traitorous Bangsamoro Basic Law that hangs as a looming possibility that this country will be dismembered.   What he can refer to as his achievements are the concessions and privileges he lavished the oligarchy for them to rake in more profit with the rest of our starving people glued in what they see as the awesome “progress” of his administration.  It is for this why some say that allowing the clown to be Mar’s running mate is more of a liability than an asset to already conking political machinery.
Another tell-tale sign that the Liberal Party is withering or should we say is moving fast towards self-destruction is that it is saddled with ambitious but incompetent personalities. Corruption seems to be their way of life, and an allegiance to commit treason.  Everybody knows that the country’s heated word war with China over the Spratly Islands is done to divert our attention away from the continued arms deal with the US and from the plan to balkanize this country in accordance to the wishes of Malaysia and of the imperialist countries. 
The LP has become desperate that it is even considering a US citizen as their presidential candidate.  Even if they choose Senator Grace Poe as their shoo-in candidate, she is not qualified even as senator as her stay in that post is in violation of the Constitution.   The LP would be taking a great risk if the Supreme Court decides that she is not a natural- born Filipino.  That is not difficult to analyze because she has not presented any document renouncing her US citizenship.   Unless those men in robe allow themselves to be bribed like what happened when the nasty majority of the  Senators voted to remove Renato Corona as Chief Justice on the basis of the P50 million or more grease money offered by this “tuwid na daan” dispensation.  
It is not so much that if Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr runs and wins, he will bring back sanity to our leadership.  PNoy and company just want to be reassured they can rein in the next man so that the outgoing administration would not force him to take a “dose of his own medicine.”   It may appear vindictive for any succeeding government, but this hypocritical government committed serious crimes and violations of the Constitution that sending them to jail would already constitute a monumental achievement just as it would be a betrayal of the people’s mandate not to prosecute them.
In fact, the filing of charges against them no longer needs further evidence to prove their guilt beyond reasonable doubt.  The declaration by the Supreme Court of the notorious Disbursement Acceleration Program and the Priority Development Assistant Fund as unconstitutional and illegal is more than enough to convict them for culpable violation of the constitution, plunder and malversation, that to reverse the decision would amount to admitting they too are stupid.   The people are not even interested in how Janet Napoles managed to stash those funds to her personal account. They are more curious about how she obtained them using genuine documents and received  checks  signed  and approved by those in charged in the government office under PNoy’s administration. 
Despite the fact that the LP has so many card-carrying members all fattened by the largess that is oozing from Malacañang, none of them dare speak out to demand a convention to nominate their official candidate.  Their leadership has been syndicated and is operated by a select few chosen by the greedy oligarchy, the hypocritical Church and by their Western brokers.   The lesser functionaries abide by their decision because their concern is to capture political power plus the bonus of being reassured of continued funding for their reelection bid.  Nobody complains because PNoy’s decision means the continuation of the bounties of what it takes to control the government they see as inhabited by heathens.

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