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Dis-Gracing the country’s politics

Blog December 2, 2015
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Dis-Gracing the country’s politics

I didn’t think it could happen when I wrote over a year ago my Tribune article “Who will stop the U.S. Poe-ppet?” In it I raised is great problem facing Philippine politics of blatant U.S. manipulation of the country’s elections with Washington Sycip and the Philippine Daily Inquirer launching Grace Poe’s presidential candidacy in headlining Sycip’s question, “When will Grace Poe consider running for higher office?”

At that time I was already extremely disgusted by the Grace Poe that I saw and observed since the 2004 presidential elections when I campaigned for FPJ, and the years thereafter when I observed Poe regularly visiting Makati Mayor Jojo Binay and the latter giving the young lady so much of his special time. Then I had several occasions to meet the young lady myself in a few parties and meetings of the FPJPM (FPJ for Preisdent Movement) hosted by Linggoy Alcuaz and Rez Cortez.

In one of those FPJPM meetings Rex Cortez requested me to provide a NatSit, National Situationer or political-economic backgrounder to what is happening in the country, a practice that was standard for our meetings. When my name was announced I noted a smirk on the face of the young lady that smacked of arrogance and condescension, a frown, a “something so haughty” I so thought. Obviously she already formed an impression of me from my past with the FPJPM activities.

Reflecting on that experience with that face I saw on the young lady and thinking back on things I realized that this young lady really disdained the many things I have positively written about FPJ himself, and subsequent observations made it clear. To me FPJ represented an anti-Yellow and anti-globalist personality symbol, he being a Marcos admirer, a very close Estrada buddy, having launched his candidacy by attending the KMP (Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas) anti-globalization congress in U.P. sometime late 2003 or early 2004.

After that initial meeting of FPJPM where I observed the Grace Poe haughtiness hidden behind her little sweet face and physical frame I studied her more closely. The real Grace Poe started really emerging from behind the façade in the run up to the 2010 elections when she started showing her true colors against Estrada and Binay, and the seeming (at that time, but now its very clear) opportunism of her every action – from sucking up to the Yellows, to BS Aquino (PeNoy). When Aquino appointed her to the MTRCB and some FPJPM members were recruited to join her they gave feedback about her true character.

I started getting stories of how this little lady really is so “Yellow”, an admirer of Cory Aquino through and through, and the Yellows. I, of course, consider the Yellows the ultimate neo-colonial prostitutes of this country and mercenaries to the U.S., and Cory Aquino the icon of the oligarchy that has exploited, oppressed and been the instrument of Western hegemony victimizing this nation. Then the little lady’s lies and opportunism surfaced – sucking up to the Yellows that character-assassinated and tried to destroy FPJ - in order to get that MTRCB position, then the senatorial nomination lying about her citizenship, and the finally the blatant Comelec-Brillantes and Smartmatic manipulation in the 60-30-10 manipulation of the 2013 elections to make Poe number 1 senator.

In early 2015 I has started mulling with our colleagues in our group Sulo ng Pilipino the filing of a citizenship case against Poe. I had met at least once with our Atty. Raffy Tuvera at Market Market in BGC, Taguig, as he lives in Paranaque, to discuss this. I was also consulting the late Atty. Alan Paguia who was on board the project but I later reduced his involvement as he was severely inconvenience by his regular dialysis session (which eventually claimed his life). I consulted Bono Adaza, but he later became erratic about the issue due to apparent personal competitiveness against Justice Carpio when the latter was manipulatively projected by the Phiiippine Daily Inquirer as anti-Poe.

As it turned out other parties were also studying the filing of a case against Poe’s claim of being natural born, and Lito David actually filed. We shelved our project in favour of supporting Lito David. Behind Lito David are the Church religious leaders and the Kapatiran Party stalwarts, and the unsung hero of the project Ado Paglinawan (the 60-40-30 discoverer and now is on DZRJ 810AM morning radio 5-7am) who donated his return trip to Manila from the U.S. plane fare of P 60,000.00 to David’s filing fee. Our group in turn raised from 6 individuals P 45,000.00 to partly reimburse Paglinawan who managed to return to the country.

But thus far it is not Lito David’s case at the Supreme Court that has stopped Grace Poe, it is the case on the residency of Poe that the Comelec considered and stops her momentarily from the presidential campaign. Poe’s camp will appeal, but the case does not remove her from the Senate from which she should be removed because she violates the Constitution’s requirement of being Natural Born citizen. The case at the Comelec was filed by lawyer Estrella Elamparo who’s identified with Arroyo’s appointee to the GSIS Winston Garcia as chief legal counsel during his scandalous term, but we surmise that Elamparo may have been mobilized by the Roxas camp in this case.

What we look forward to is the Lito David case as it will complete the process of ending the disgraceful ascension of a liar, a hypocrite, a pretender, a fraud disguised as a sweet little innocent “foundling” who has becoming the epitome of the charlatan that our political system is teeming with. Lito David case would reaffirm to some extent the capacity of this nation to understand and live by the Rule of Law, to affirm its ability to still perceive the fraudulent when it is paraded right in front of them, and thereby confirm that there is still hope to restore a politics of truth, reason and intelligence in this country.

We have to Dis-Grace our Senate in order to restore a modicum of grace to it and our national politics. Its greatest service would be to show the U.S. (Uncle San and Uncle Sycip of the Yellows) that this country cannot be fooled and manipulated by their scum kind anymore.

This is our link to our partly discussion with Lito David on our GNN show:

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