Friday, March 18, 2016

Col Reynaldo C Cabauatan Reply

A reply to the indiscriminate and propagandist calumnies against patriotic soldiers of the Filipino people in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)

Col Reynaldo C Cabauatan

March 16 at 6:12pm ·


It is unfair to attribute and emphasize the extra judicial killings or torture only to President Ferdinand E.Marcos during Martial Law.

In the first place, President Ferdinand E. Marcos did not issue such order to suppress the rights of our people.

Secondly, the AFP is mandated by the Constitution to defend our Constitutional Government from being overthrown by rebellion waged by the CPP-NPA, the CPLA and the MNLF.

Thirdly, there were "foreign" aids (materials and financials) that supported the requirements of these rebel forces. Example is the shipment of thousands of firearms and other explosives thru the MV Karagatan from China.

We lived by the dictum that everything is fair in love and in war.

We were at war with the New Peoples' Army and we faced them in all manners it would take, in our own initiatives, beyond or outside the rules of engagements, to neutralize if not to totally eliminate them within our respective Areas Of Resposibilities (AOR). We used the same dose of medicine they used on us, like kidnapping, torture and killing of our soldiers and informers. It was guerrilla warfare.

The NPA do not have detention cells to incarcerate their captured or kidnapped victims that they have to liquidate or bury them for their convenience.

However, not like the other rebel force in the south (MNLF), who accept the consequences of war, the NPA exploited and resorted to a one sided cruelties/consequence to an effective dramatization / propaganda to their advantage that was even supported by the Liberal Party (LP) under the Ninoy Aquino Wing. It was war between two Armies, AFP vs. NPA.

Consequently, their ideological propaganda has effectively made all administrations, after Marcos, recognize their alleged heroes where the "Bantayog ng mgaBayani" was erected in their "honor".

Only in the Philippines where you can find two sets of Heroes, one are those at the Libingan ng mag Bayani who gave their lives in DEFENSE of our Constitutional Government and the other are those listed at the bantayog ng mgabayani who tried to overthrow our Constitutional Government up to the present time.


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  1. What hogwash! This supposed patriot is saying Marcos did not have any inkling of torture and arbitrary detentions perpetrated under his rule and in the name of "protecting the Constitution"? He goes on to say the NPA/NDF and other leftist groups committed even graver offenses that were propagandized as part of the struggle to "liberate" the country? Both the AFP and NPA were murderous, traitorous, and incapable of understanding civilized discourse. They wouldn't have reached that point if they did. Martial law happened. Communists, aided by a China that wasn't treading back then the capitalist path, provoked it. So did lawless elements. But the bloody response by authorities wasn't at all the solution.