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Shooting anti-terrorist Russia - U.S.-Turko-Nato Crime

Shooting anti-terrorist Russia - U.S.-Turko-Nato Crime.
Blog November 25, 2015

            The November 24, 2015 attack of two Turkish war planes against the Russian Su 25 with air-to-air missiles causing its crash and the eventual murder of two Russian pilots shot at by Turkey’s sponsored Turkmen terrorist elements while parachuting. Turkey’s claim that the Russian plane was in Turkish airspace, a doubtful claim in the first place, does not justify the hostile act against the Russia plane which exhibited no threat to Turkish security and which was part of anti-terrorist operations upon invitation of the Syrian government.

            Proof of the lawless, terrorist character of Turkey’s “Syrian opposition” allies operating on the ground in Syrian territory is the criminal murder of the two Russian pilots while descending on their parachute. This is a clear violation of the 1949 Geneva Convention and constitutes a “war crimes” under Protocol 1 which is considered the World over as inhuman and barbaric – which is what the terrorists that the U.S., Nato and Turkey have been supporting with thinly veiled funding and arming through the U.S. client Gulf States and Turkey’s arming and oil buying from Daesh (ISIS) across its borders.

                                    Erdogan-Nato-US goal - Sabotage Syrian Peace

            What particular reason the Turko president Erdogan wants to expand Turkish territory into Northern Syria is a mystery to many, particularly when Erdogan by his hostile actions imperils his nation’s energy supply that reliant on Russia and Iran’s gas and oil. There’ll be immediate negative impact on Turkey, as resource-earning tourism also heavily benefits from Russian tourists which now have stopped. Erdogan can be likened to BS Aquino in the Philippines spiting China, cutting of his nose to spite a major economic resource.

            Many thought the “Paris Attack” of November 13, 2015 changed the complexion of the Syrian “Regime Change” the West had obsessed with and turned the tide towards collaboration with all parties, including Syria’s allies Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, to prioritize the war against DAesh (ISIS). Obviously the dark forces behind the fa├žade of new found wisdom and cooperation against terrorism, neocons and their minions, doubled or tripled their efforts to sabotage the process emanating from the Vienna Talks with Syria, Iran, Russia for political settlement of the Syrian Crisis.

                                    Russia’s leadership and sacrifice for humanity.

            To informed world citizens its clear the West is on a campaign of “perpetual war” since the Soviet Union broke up and U.S. neocons saw visions of global hegemony. The Yugoslav “Balkanization” transpired, followed by strategies like “Project for a New American Century” and “Which Path to Persia”. 9/11 was staged as basis for the “War on Terror” that launched attacks on seven secular states exposed by Gen. Wesley Clark in 2007. The U.S. and allies launched “color revolutions” and wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, Georgia and Ukraine. Then the U.S. announced a “Pivot to Asia” to threaten Asia’s stability and harmony.

            With Putin’s leadership Russia has risen from the rubble of the Soviet Union to establish a stronger Russian state, paying off its debt to Western interest and since the 2008 Russo-Georgian War started more militantly defending its security perimeter. As the U.S. “War on Terror” attacks on seven states began Russia, with China supporting from behind, led the UN Security Council opposition to the attacks on Iraq, Libya, sought political resolution of tensions with Iran and then defence of the legitimate government of Syria. Since the “Paris Attack” Russia has led the fight against Daesh (ISIS) in Syria.

            Russia’s bombing has been instrumental in sending the Daesh fighters in Syria into strategic retreat, as well as exposing the farce of U.S. and Western “War on Terror” by showing the satellite photos of convoys of thousands of Daesh (ISIS) oil tanker trucks queuing to sell illicit oil from Daesh (ISIS) controlled refineries through Turkish agents (reports of Erdogan’s son as major agent) and into Turkey. Obama had been forced into token bombing of a hundred or so such oils, but Obama and Nato deceptive statements on the Turko crime against Russia’s Su 25 and sacrifice of its men against Daesh (ISIS).

                                                Disinformation in Christian Philippines.

            The Filipino people tout itself as the “only Christian nation in Asia” yet it falls into the most unchristian acts against its fellow Christians in many parts of the Wrold, particularly in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa). In the Syria it is the secular government of Bashar al Assad that is protecting all religious groups from the terror of the U.S. sponsored terrorist groups including the Al Qaeda, Al Nusra and the Daesh (ISIS). Yet in the Philippines one of the foremost Christian radio stations DZFE 98.7FM just replays criminally deceitful U.S. propaganda through VOA (Voice of America) broadcasts against Assad, Russia and for the terrorists’ cause.

            Another radio network that uses VOA broadcasts is DZRJ on both its FM and AM stations. Some newspaper columnists have been the tools of the U.S., Nato and Daesh (ISIS) like Manila Standard’s Atty. And Fr. Ranhillo Aquino who’s been tearing at Assad since the onset of the destabilization and disinformation campaign against Assad by the U.S. Thankfully he stopped after a series of our letters to him, but there are others like Randy David of the Inquirer and Akbayan writer Walden Bello who mask themselves as progressives but actually mouth U.S. propaganda against Assad.

            We ask the people with the True Christian spirit in the Philippines to start helping this nation discern the whole truth, the truth of which is genuinely good and which is genuinely evil. It is Russia now championing true Christian values, rising above the demonic sectarianism the West under the control of the essentially amoral-finance capitalist and/or Zionist Financial Oligarchy promoting the anti-human harmony ideologies of the likes Samuel Huntington and “The Clash of Civilizations” and Francis Fukuyama’s “End of History”. Truly Christian and humanist Filipinos must cleanse the disinformation infecting Philippine society. ###

(UPDATE: "Russian information sources have updated the status report on one of the two Su 25 pilots as having survived the shoot down by U.S.-Turko warplanes, rescued by the Syrian Army and now safely back in a Russian military base. ---- Furthermore, I will stop buying Turkish products now, I used to buy Turkish virgin olive oil. Remember Stalingrad! Likewise, we reiterate support for the secular and republican Bashar Al Assad against the sectarian Erdogan hiding behind the skirt of U.S. hegemony and its NATO parasite military alliance.")

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